DGDW 2016

Innovative Business models that create meaningful impact

Over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of business models that have disrupted industries, changed behaviour and made a real impact to society. From Microfinance to Impact Investing, to the Circular Economy and Social Entrepreneurship, business and society have developed sustainable models that create real impact. Aided by the technology boom, concepts like the sharing economy and e-learning have come to life, and are now bringing real change to the industries in which they operate.

In 2016, Doing Good Doing Well conference focused on some of these topical innovations that are changing the face of society and business. Particularly, on how they can engender a more responsible business culture. For example, does the sharing economy really make a positive social and environmental impact? Does the rise of impact investing provide social entrepreneurs with the right tools to start impact-driving businesses? What are some of the new and innovative ways of providing financing and banking services to the poorest in our society? How can we use design thinking to create solutions to alleviate poverty? We debated and discussed these and other topics, and were inspired by keynote speeches from some of the people and the companies that are on the forefront of this innovation led transformation.

We now invite you to review the DGDW 2016 conference in 3 minutes of video!

Companies present in the 2016 edition


Keynote Speakers

Ms. Michele Gidens, Bridges Ventures on Creating the Impact Investing Industry
Ms. Carlota Pi, Hola Luz on The Revolution of Corporate Values
Ms. Daphne Koler, Coursera on The Future of Education
Mr. Jelle Vastert, Tesla on Tesla and Innovation
Ms. Mariona Vicens, CaixaBank on The Fintech Revolution
Mr. George Koukis, Temenos on A Dream for the World
Mr. Jaques Van Rijckevorsel, Solvay on Solar Impulse or The Passion for Creating the Impossible
Mr. Michel Genet, Greenpeace on From Greenwashing to Green Growth




The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation


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Estrella Damm