By Alua Amanova, 2nd Year IESE StudentWith just under a month left until the big date, IESE’s Doing Good Doing Well conference is fast approaching. While the DGDW team is continuously adding panels with interesting speakers, I was particularly excited to learn that Patagonia is going to join the conference. As someone who leads a fairly active lifestyle, I’ve always associated Patagonia with high-quality, technical apparel and gear that was perfect for the occasional weekend hike outside of Toronto. It wasn’t until we covered Patagonia in a case for a Competitive Strategy class at IESE that I realized that the company is also focused on minimizing the environmental impact of its business. Patagonia’s commitment is evident in every facet of its operations – from choosing to manufacture from organically produced cotton and pioneering research on environmentally friendly fabric to encouraging its customers to recycle clothing and committing a portion of their profits to environmental groups. Patagonia is a great example of a company which managed to both run a profitable business with a strong customer base and reduce its environmental footprint. I look forward to learning more about Patagonia’s strategy at the Doing Good Doing Well conference in February.​