Panel 2: Shared Value

Aula Magna February 24, 2017 14:30 - 15:45

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Alexandra Mitjans Alzamora
Juan José Litran
Michael Bzdak
Dina Medland
Mercedes Navarro

For decades, CSR was the extent of companies’ concept of ‘shared value’. However, for many companies in recent years, corporate social responsibility has ceased to be a necessary appendage to the business and instead has been assimilated into the firm’s competitive strategy. What has driven this trend and is it here to stay? What is certain is that an increasing number of companies seemingly accept that they have a key role to play in society. This power manifests itself in the operational decisions they make involving the sourcing and production of products, as well as the message they send to the outside world. In this panel, we will explore how CSR has changed over time and probe the concept of shared value and seek to understand how companies and consumers alike are interpreting it.